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Live’s cut too short – Kayde Russo and Peter Gray

We said goodbye way too soon  last Wednesday to Kayde, he was only 25. By most standards he’d had a difficult life full of health challenges but not to him. He was the eternal optimist, living his life to the full, one of his favorite sayings – ‘we’re living the dream’. At the celebration of his life last Wednesday in Bacchus Marsh we heard how he’d lived his life. He loved sport and although he’d been in a wheelchair for the past ten years he’d played cricket with his sister Meg as his runner. The  sister who also suffers from the same childhood arthritis that he had. He was a lifeguard at the local swimming pool, a position he also found amusing, although he was an invaluable second pair of eyes and would sit there with his mate and say ‘we’re living the dream’.

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