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ANZAC day 2017 – Additional family military personnel

It’s ANZAC day again and time to catch up on the all the extended family members who served their country that I’ve found in the past year. Previous ANZAC days posts can be found here, here and here. Some of these men and women I have quite a bit of information on and others very little. If you know more about them, have photos or anything else I’d love to hear from you.

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Scouller, Dagon and Fawkner Families at Bright

On a recent golfing week in Bright I took some time out to investigate one of the Scouller cousins who lived in Bright from at least the late 1860s.  Margaret Hamilton Scouller (Scoular) migrated to Melbourne on board the Sea, arriving in May 1853.  This was six months before her father with his family and her uncle with his family arrived in Melbourne on board the Waverley.

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Anzac Day 2015

Since last Anzac day when I posted about the Boer war and World War I members of the family both near and far I have come across some more.  I have yet to put together those of WWII.  If anyone has any further information about any of those listed below, or on my previous post about Anzac day and / or photos etc of them I would love to hear from you.  It is 100 years since Gallipoli and a number of my extended family were there.

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150 years of Pollok settlement

Last week I visited Auckland to attend the 150th anniversary of Pollok settlement on the Awhitu peninsular to the south-west of Auckland.  My 3 x great uncle Robert Scouler with his second wife, Mary McWatt and their children travelled to Auckland on board the Ganges in 1863.  Luckily an account of their journey survives that was written by on the of the cabin passengers, David Buchanan.  The Scoulers were in the steerage cabin.

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