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Anzac day

For Anzac day I have found relatives, some close, some distant, who served in the Boer War and World War 1.  They came from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, America and England.  Where possible I have included a photo of them.  If you have a photo of anyone here I’d love a copy.  Does anyone have their medals?  Again I’d love a photo of them.  If anyone knows of other family members who served in the Boer War or WW1 please let me know.     A few of these men will feature in more detail in future blogs.  I intend to create one later for all those who served in WW11 so any service files, photos or information would be gratefully received.

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Roadtrip to Sydney

I travelled up to Sydney with my mother to visit her sister who is not very well.  On the way we spent a night in Canberra and visited the Mapping our World:  Terra Incognita to Australia exhibition at the National Library.  It’s well worth visiting if you can get to Canberra.  It tracks the discovery of Australia by the Europeans through maps.  Alongside the maps there are  globes and scientific instruments, it’s amazing how they were able to create such beautiful and detailed maps.  The map by Fra Mauro is not to be missed.  There were maps from the early explorers, names I remembered from history lessons.

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