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Last day of RootsTech and final days in Salt Lake City

Saturday was the final day of Rootstech for this year. The first keynote was given by Mike Leavitt, former Governor of Utah. He recounted some amusing stories from his time as Governor.  He told how the governor’s house had burnt down one Christmas.  The Christmas tree had been put up in the lobby but the lighting was faulty and caught on fire.  The house was ruined.   His family’s visit to homeless shelters that Christmas were  poignant as they themselves were homeless but had been helped by so many people unlike those in the homeless shelters.   He showed a clip of when they found out that Utah had won the right to host the winter Olympics, everyone was jumping up and down, over seats and literally leaping around with enjoyment.

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McCollier Heritage on Tour day 4

Rootstech, Salt Lake City

What a day, my head is spinning with all the information and probably jet lag and lack of sleep.  No photos of beautiful Salt Lake City today as it was dark when I left the hotel and dark when I returned.  This morning’s first keynote speech was from Steve Rookwood, Company President and Chief Executive Officer of FamilySearch International.  I saw him speak in 2012 and he is a very good speaker.  He spoke of his family and shared photos and memories of them, particularly of his father.  His message was to engage our younger family members in family stories and therefore history by giving them 1 to 2 minute bites of family history.

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McCollierHeritage on tour day 2 & 3

Rootstech at Salt Lake City

It is beautiful and cold here, brilliant blue skies and ice underfoot.  Below is the view from my room yesterday morning.  Glorious.  Then below was the view from the other side of the hotel, it was quite the contrast.  The day was like the view from my room although it did snow lightly a few times.

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Rootstech 2016

I’ve signed up to attend Rootstech in Salt Lake City in February next year.  I attended in 2012 and was one of the few Australians there then.  Times have changed though.  I’d gone to Salt Lake City for a few days research at the family history library before flying to visit my friend in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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