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Matilda Read’s family – how wonderful is DNA testing?

My great great grandmother Matilda Sarah Ann Read was baptized on February 29, 1828 in Woodbridge, Suffolk two weeks after her birth.  Her mother was Matilda Read with no father given in the baptism register. Apparently no bastardy records survive for the church.  I’ve searched for Matilda Read (her mother) in Woodbridge without any luck.  There was one Read family but no proof that there was any connection to her.

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McKnights, Gregg & Dunlops/Delap from Raphoe, Co Donegal

I’m back after too long without any posts.  I had an eventful 2016 which included two genealogy trips, the second to the UK with my mother.  We visited Donegal and Belfast in Ireland at the end of August on the trail of our McKnight, Gregg and Dunlop families from Raphoe in County Donegal.  I also visited where the McFaddens (on my dad’s side) were from in County Armagh but more about them in another post.

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Captivated by someone from the past – Dorothy Lindsay Johnstone

How does a person I’m investigating become something more than the others I am researching?  Sometimes someone gets under your skin and you want to know more.  The Johnstone family as a whole has been a bit like that for me lately.  My great-grandmothers brother Andrew has certainly captivated me and I will write about him soon.  However his daughter Dorothy Lindsay Johnstone has recently captured my interest.

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Gregg family from Donegal to Pennsylvania

I wrote earlier of James McKnight and Ellen Gregg who arrived in New York from Londonderry on board the Hannah Thornton in 1849.  Since then I have James’ will which names as his executor his nephew Joseph B Gregg.  This led me to find Joseph’s father, Nesbitt and then his brothers, a sister and parents.  It seems most if not all of the Gregg family migrated to America in the 1840s and that James McKnight, his wife Ellen Gregg, their children and his sister Jane McKnight, followed them.  As usual if anybody knows anymore about any of these families or has photographs, documents etc please get in touch.  I know the Gregg families had large families in Pennsylvania and New York.  Continue reading Gregg family from Donegal to Pennsylvania

McKnights of Raphoe, Co Donegal

Through this you will notice the different spellings of McKnight.  I have used the spelling that what was used in the relevant document.  As usual I ask if anyone has any information, photos, letters, documents or family stories relating to anyone mentioned here.  Please get in contact.

Alexander McNeight was baptized on December 10, 1833 at Raphoe, Co Donegal, Ireland.  His parents were Alexander McNeight and Margaret Gregg of Gortaquigley, Co Donegal.  Alexander and Margaret had at least two more children, Eleanor baptized on January 18, 1836 and William baptized on March 28, 1838.  Margaret seems to have died some time between 1838 and the early 1840s.  Alexander had a daughter Jane around 1843 with Jane Ash (daughter of Richard Ash).  I have yet to find her baptism.  Alexander and Jane Ash go on to have the following children baptized at Raphoe:

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