More collaboration – this time with the Baldwins & the Roberts!

Joseph John Baldwin and his wife Maria Roberts migrated toAustralia in 1852 with their seven week old son, Henry and Maria’s daughter from her first marriage Lottie (Charlotte).  I’ve had contact with a member of Maria’s sister Martha’s family who shared some photos that Maria had sent back to London to her sister Martha.  They had been handed down through Martha’s family and have now been given to me.  Martha Elizabeth Roberts married James Dartnall.  There was also a photo of their brother William John Roberts who was an actor and comedian.  My contact remembered seeing a playbill that one of his uncles had.  I haven’t been able to source any information about William John Roberts yet, beyond the normal census records etc.  Perhaps someone out there knows more?

 Roberts William John 01.jpg
William John Roberts


William married firstly Ann  Maria Griffiths in London in 1854.  He said he was an actor and she a dressmaker.  In the following censuses they were both registered as comediens.  He married, secondly, Clara Louisa Harsant in 1898 again in London.  His occupation was ‘traveler’.

His daughter was also an actress.  She was born as Eliza Maria Roberts but seems to have taken the name of Lily Bowman, a widow, or was she?  We think this may be a photo of her.  Again maybe someone knows more about her or this photo.  Please get in touch if you know anything of either of them or their family.

Roberts Eliza Maria? .jpg
Eliza Maria Roberts / Lily Bowman

Another sibling to Maria, Martha and William was Mary who married Henry Eyre, a carpenter and joiner.  There was also Eliza Sarah of whom nothing has been found and another brother, Robert George Roberts who became a Wesleyan minister.  Her married Elizabeth Atkinson.  What an interesting family the Roberts are!

I met a descendant of William James Baldwin, brother to Henry who was born in Sandridge (Port Melbourne) in 1864.  William and his second wife adopted a baby girl and it is her family I am in contact with.  They also had photos and stories to share for which I am extremely grateful.

Baldwin William James c1870.jpg
William James Baldwin

This was one of the photos I had received from the descendant of Martha Roberts and confirmed what I had thought – that this was William James Baldwin.  This also pretty much confirmed that the photos were indeed of Joseph John Baldwin, his wife Maria Roberts and their children.

Family history is truly a field that thrives on collaboration and sharing.  As usual I’d love to hear from anyone with any further information, photos or connections.

2 thoughts on “More collaboration – this time with the Baldwins & the Roberts!”

  1. This is great! I have messaged you via Ancestry; as you know, Mary Roberts and Henry Eyre were the parents of William Eyre; he married Charlotte Seals and they had 11 children, the youngest of which was my grandfather Stanley.


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