McCollierHeritage on tour day 5


Another beautiful morning in Salt Lake City.


Rootstech this year is all about storytelling and preserving stories for the future.  Their message is that a short story will captivate an audience better than a long story.  The first keynote this morning was Josh and Naomi Davis who blog about their everyday life on Love Taza.  They live in New York City with their children and have been blogging since they moved there when they were married as a way of staying in contact with their family.  They now have many followers from all around the world, people they feel they know, many ‘just like family’.  Love her dress!


Following was David Isay who founded StoryCorps, which enables people from any walk of life to record their life stories.  He showed some powerful Interviews, some sad some happy, but all moving.  The company sets up recording booths and when completed people take a copy away and one copy is deposited with the Library of Congress.  They tried a new initiative at Thanksgiving targeting younger people to record and post an interview over the weekend.  They only had an 8 week lead in and as the weekend progressed there were no posts.  Finally on Sunday night they had over 50,000 posts almost as many as they had previously done.  He put it down to kids leaving their homework until Sunday night!

Disappointingly I was unable to attend the first session I had chosen for the day as it was already full 20 minutes before the starting time.  It was a talk by Tom Jones (not that Tom Jones!) who was touted on the first day as the most influential American genealogist, however his talk was scheduled in one of the smaller rooms.  I went downstairs to a handwriting class in one of the larger auditoriums that was lucky to be 20% full.  I didn’t stay as it was not what I expected.

I had to visit the Mac store in the lunch break as I’ve been having issues with my iPad that turned out, as expected, to be the power cord.  I also spoke to them about the problems I’ve been having with my laptop and think they knew the solution.  I’m going to try tonight.  Fingers crossed!  I had some nice Mexican food at the food court City Creek centre onor far from the convention centre and in the middle of town.

After lunch I just got into the talk by Judy G. Russell, the legal genealogist on finding records in the National Archives of America.  Quite interesting and I did learn a few things.  This was followed by a computer lab I had booked which was for a product in alpha testing for data visualization to track our ancestors, creating graphs and charts for your genealogy.  Very interesting and something I will play around with.  They have developed an app to use with Microsoft Power BI.


The final session I attended was on palaeography.  It was okay and I did learn something I didn’t know.  To access the language help on the family search website you need to go to the indexing tab and then click the help tab.  You can then see the handwriting tab.  The class was worth attending for that piece of information.  The rest was a bit simpler than I expected.

I went to the library again tonight for a few hours research but need to regroup, perhaps for Monday.  I’ll see how tomorrow goes at the conference.  It is due to finish mid-afternoon and they are expecting thousands more people.  It was very busy today.  I didn’t see anyone I knew all day!  There were thousands and thousands there.




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