Johnstones at the Mornington Cemetery

While down at Mornington last weekend I decided to try and find the grave of my great grandmother Nellie Johnstone’s nephew and his wife who are buried there.  They were Andrew Lindsay Johnstone, known as John and his wife Annie Muriel Hall, known as Ann.  Andrew was the son of Andrew Johnstone and Nellie Lindsay.

Mornington Cemetery
Mornington Cemetery

He was born in Collingwood in 1905 where he lived until he married Annie in 1931.  They then lived in Northcote before moving to Preston.  He was a confectioner.  Once he retired they moved down to Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsular.  My grandparents also retired to the area and I wondered if they had kept in contact and visited each other.  My grandmother knew so much about the family and always had extended family visiting.  She had Nellie’s (Johnstone) birthday book.  As many of us have done in old books, she had written over Nellie’s name with her own and added in her own family birthdays to those of Nellies’.  These and old address books can be good sources of information giving birth dates and providing names and addresses that may be previously unknown family or friends, or lead to them.  Ofcourse all dates need to be verified by other sources.

Nellie's birthday book and Elsie's address book
Nellie’s birthday book and Elsie’s address book

Not knowing where their grave was, only that it was in the Anglican section and by the dates of the headstones, we walked the part of the cemetery where I thought they might be, with no luck.  I decided to have a quick look at a small section just a bit further on and there they were.

Grave of Andrew Lindsay Johnstone and Annie Muriel Hall, Mornington cemetery
Grave of Andrew Lindsay Johnstone and Annie Muriel Hall, Mornington cemetery

If you’re thinking of visiting Mornington cemetery over the Christmas period the small office there is closed from about 18 December until 17 January (I’m going from memory here so may be a day or two out).  I would phone first to check if you’re thinking of visiting and want to see someone in the office.  I love that it is called the sexton’s office.  My five x great grandparents, Joseph Servant(e) and Elizabeth Phillips were the sexton and sextoness at the church of St Mary Magdalen in Bermondsey, Surrey, England in the 1770s and 80s.  The family was living in the churchyard then.  Once Joseph had died Elizabeth continued in the role of sextoness and I have her signature.  I will blog about them and my visit there.

St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey, England
St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey, England

Andrew or John, as he was known (which I only learned from his headstone) and Nellie didn’t have any children.  I know they had nephews whose family I’d especially love to hear from.  It would be wonderful to have photos of this couple and their wider family.  It is so important to visit cemeteries, the additional information on gravestones can really open up your research.  Plus there is something very special about visiting an ancestor’s final resting place.  However often, as in my recent visit to Bright cemetery, there is no headstone.

As always if anyone knows anything more about this family or has photos or family ephemera I’d love to hear from you.



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