Anzac Day 2015

Since last Anzac day when I posted about the Boer war and World War I members of the family both near and far I have come across some more.  I have yet to put together those of WWII.  If anyone has any further information about any of those listed below, or on my previous post about Anzac day and / or photos etc of them I would love to hear from you.  It is 100 years since Gallipoli and a number of my extended family were there.

Boer War

Edwin Henry Scouller

Edwin was the son of John Scouller and Ellen Elizabeth Hart.  He was born in 1877 at Bairnsdale, Victoria.  He was in the 4th Bushmen contingent.  He departed Port Melbourne on board the Victorian on May 1, 1900 and disembarked at Beira on May 23, 1900.  He was promoted to CSM.  He caught enteric fever at Colesberg that was made worse by a touch of malaria.  He was invalided back to Australia on the Tongariro arriving in Melbourne on May 2, 1901.   He was attached to Victoria Regiment, RAA for rations and quarters from June 8, 1901.  He was discharged on August 1, 1901.  He married Florence Amelia Podger in 1902.

World War I

Emil Lyell Joseph Austin

Emil was born in 1899 in Payneham, South Australia.  He was the husband of Vera Selina Stokes, daughter of Elizabeth Ann Sims and William Henry Stokes.  They married in 1927 well after WWI.  He enlisted in May 1918 and was an apprentice engineer.  He was five feet five inches tall, grey eyes, dark brown hair and a medium complexion.  He was discharged prior to leaving Australia due to the end of the war.

Henry George Eyre

He was born in London in 1899 to William James Eyre and Charlotte Seals.  When he enlisted in December 1915 he was a munitions worker.  He was five feet six inches tall.  He was married to Florence Caroline Dowsett in February 1914.  During the war he was a signaller with the Royal Garrison Artillery.

Charles William Fiedler

Despite having a father born in Germany who was only five when he arrived in Australia Charles was able to enlist and fight for Australia in WWI.  He was born in Echuca, Victoria, the son of Charles Gustav Oswald Fiedler and Elizabeth Ann Aston.  He was in the 11th Battalion Reinforcements, then the 51st Battalion.  He was a married, thirty-three year old sleeper hewer when he enlisted in 1915.  He married Rebecca Fraser in 1913 in Wellington district, Western Australia. Charles signed up in Western Australia.  He was just under five feet two inches tall, had black hair, blue eyes and a dark complexion.  It appears that he put Lutheran as his religion.  This was crossed out and replaced with Church of England.   He died in East Coolgardie, Western Australia in 1969, his death was registered as Fielder.

Robert Hermann Mountford

Robert was the husband of Winifred Beatrice Sims, they married after the war in 1922.  He was born in 1899 in South Australia to Thomas Mountford and Sarah Kroneke.  Winifred was the daughter of Arthur James Sims and Emily Mills.  Robert was five foot five inches with brown hair and eyes and a fresh complexion. He was in the 32nd Battalion.  He was wounded in 1916 then had influenza and was gassed in 1918.

Arthur Wesley Roberts

From his medal card it appears he was a sergeant in the 12th York and Lancashire regiment known as the 12th Sheffield City.  He was born in 1893 in Knaresborogh, Yorkshire to the Reverend Robert George Roberts and Elizabeth Atkinson.  He married Phyllis May Riddett after the war in 1926.

Florence Elizabeth Roberts

Sister to Arthur Wesley and to Frank, Robert and Stanley below, Florence was born in 1880 at Middleton in Teesdale, Durham.  She enlisted in October 1915 but resigned a year later to nurse her sick sister.  She had two sisters, Mary Evelyn Barnes Roberts and Mabel Frances Roberts.  She was a staff nurse at the Reading War Hospital.  She went to school at Trinity Hall, Southport and trained at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle-on-Tyne.  She rejoined in March 1917 as a sister in Queen Alexandria’s Imperial Nursing Service Reserve and was sent to the Press Heath military hospital.  In 1918 she was sent overseas to Genoa in Italy.  She was considered a very good sister, ‘much above average both professionally and socially’.

Frank Atkinson Roberts

Frank enlisted in Edmonton in January 1915 into the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  He was five feet seven and a half inches tall, with blue eyes, fair hair and a fair complexion.  He was born in 1887 in Whitby, Yorkshire to the Reverend Robert George Roberts and Elizabeth Atkinson.  After the war he married Murial Louise McLaren at the Presbyterian church in Ottawa in January 1922.

Robert George Roberts

Again I only have his British medal card from WWI.  He was also in the 12th Yorkshire and Lancashire regiment.  He was a sergeant then a lieutenant and was in Egypt in 1915.  He was born in February 1882 in Blyth, Northumberland son of the Reverend Robert George Roberts and Elizabeth Atkinson.

Stanley Halford Roberts

He was a driver (sergeant) in the Army Service Corp in the mechanical transport company.  He was born in July 1883 in Blyth, Northumberland.  Son of the Reverend Robert George Roberts and Elizabeth Atkinson.

Henry Sims

Henry was born in December 1888 in Beverley, South Australia to Frederick George Sims and Jane Elizabeth Evenden.  He enlisted in September 1914 in to the January reinforcements of the A.M.C.  He was five feet nine inches tall, with a dark complexion, dark hair and blue eyes.  He was in Gallipoli then Egypt.  He was invalided back to Australia in February 1916.  He married Amy Dorothy Hombosch in 1926.

Ernest Stokes (Sims)

Ernest was born in Adelaide, South Australia in May 1894 to Elizabeth Ann Sims.  Two years later she married William Henry Stokes.  Ernest took his step-father’s (or was he his father?) surname.  He enlisted as Ernest Stokes in January 1915.  He was a gardener.  He enlisted in the Lighthorse and was transferred to the 3rd Lighthorse Reserve Regiment.  He was five feet four inches tall with grey eyes, light hair and a fair complexion.  He was at Gallipoli (with the 9th Lighthorse), then Egypt, then France, Belgium and finally Germany.   He married Sarahetta Ida Pitt in November 1921 at Payneham, South Australia.

William Bernard Easton Smoult

William was the son-in-law of Elizabeth Ann Sims and William Henry Thomas Stokes.  He married their daughter Ethel Matilda Stokes in October 1924 in Payneham, South Australia.  He was born in 1899 the son of Frederic William Smoult and Emma Eliza Hodgson.  He enlisted in September 1918 and was a labourer.  He was five feet five inches tall with blue eyes, brown hair and a medium complexion.  He was discharged due to the war ending prior to being sent overseas.

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