Clergymen in the Johnstone family

Along with all the medical connections there are a myriad of clergyman connections through the children of John Joseph Johnstone.  His daughter Amelia Cox Johnstone married Hewley Smales Graham, a cloth manufacturer and the son of Rev Henry John Graham.  Henry was the son of Hewley Graham, a solicitor in York.  Hewley’s father was the Rev John Graham, M.A. of St Mary’s and St Saviour’s, York.  He was from Cockermouth in Cumberland and said to have been educated at St Bee’s.  His first sermon was preached at the church of Stockton on the Forest He was ordained deacon at the chapel in the palace at Bishopsthorpe in 1788, then Priest in 1790.  He was the assistant curate at Hackness with Harwood Dale with in 1790, then the curate at Barwick in Elmet in 1796, then 1796 – 1797 the curate at North street, York, then from 1796 he was the rector at St Saviours and St Mary Bishophill the Elder. He was rector of St Saviours and St Mary Bishophill the Elder for fifty years.  He was an avid supporter of church missionaries, he was one of the vice presidents of the York Association of the Church Missionary Society formed in 1814.  Much of his work aside from ministerial was in teaching.  His last work was arranging the restoration of his beloved church and had just sent out a circular for donations when he died.  A black marble monument with a white marble tablet 5 foot high and 3 foot wide was erected in the church of St Mary Bishophill the Elder.  It said ‘In memory of of the Reverend John Graham, who was 48 years Rector of this parish and of the parish of St Saviour’s.  he died the 6th day of January, in the year of our Lord 1844, in the 79th year of his age. …’  The monument was erected by the offerings of his parishioners.  It was also proposed that a similar monument be erected at St Saviours.  As the church of St Mary Bishophill the Elder (or Senior) was demolished this monument may no longer stand.

Hewley’s brother was the Rev John Baines Graham who married Louisa Thorley.  He was born in 1791 and was the rector of Burnsall from1832 to 1838, then he was the vicar of Felkirk from 1837 to 1860.  He died in 1860. His son Major Richard Hewley Graham married Frances Mary Smith only daughter of Rev Henry Smith of Barnby near Newark-upon-Trent.  His son George Frederick married Mary Hollerine (Minnie) Wright daughter of Rev William Henry Wright incumbent of Christ Church, Everton.

Rev Hewley Baines of Bell Hall, son of Hewley Baines.  He attended the Beverley school in Yorkshire said to be one of the oldest state schools in England.  He then went to Trinity College, Cambridge from 1745-46 where he obtained his B.A.  He was ordained Deacon in York in 1749 and Priest in Chester in 1756.  He died in 1800 at the age of 79 years.

Henry John Graham’s sister Mary Dorothea Graham married the Rev. Stephen Cattley Baker, B.A. on September 2, 1847 at the parish church of Howden.  Another sister, Margaret married the Rev. Thomas Harris Walsh, a Wesleyan minister of Carlisle and of Hayle, Cornwall.  Unfortunately she died before 1856 when he remarried Catherine Jane Tull, daughter of a clerygman, Henry Tull.  They had at least two children.  Later he was vicar of Reddings in Derbyshire.  His son Ernest Herbert Cooper Walsh married Beatrice Ivy Huntingdon the daughter of Reverend H. Huntingdon, the British Government Chaplain at Leghorn.

Henry was the grandson of the Rev. John Graham of St Saviour’s in York.  He was the chaplain of the Sheffield Infirmary when he was given the incumbency of Pudsey, in West Yorkshire.  He achieved his M.A. from Queens College, Oxford university in 1868. He married Ann Smales, the daughter of Gideon Smales and Maria Robinson on June 30, 1845 at St Mary’s Whitby, Yorkshire.  Her sister Georgiana Dewsbury Smales married the Rev. James Skinner of Northwich, Cheshire.  He was the son of William Skinner, Esq., and J.P. of Stockton-upon-Tees.  Another sister Elizabeth Dent Smales married the Rev. James Dingle, curate of Whitby, formerly of Linkinhorne, Cornwall.  The Smales were another interesting family, the subject for a future post.  When he left Pudsey due to his health Henry was presented with a service of silver plate and a timepiece by his parishioners.  During his time at Pudsey the incumbency was raised to a vicarage.  Henry died in Bulcote House, Scarborough, Yorkshire on August 23, 1891.

John Joseph Johnstone’s daughter Arabella Halliburton Johnstone married Robert Cunyngham Browne the son of Rev Robert Brown of Paisley, Scotland and nephew of Rev Joseph Brown D.D. of Glasgow.

His granddaughter Mabel Scarf married the Rev Reginald Cuthbert Harward, son of the Rev Edwin Cuthbert Harward the vicar of MIddleton by Wirkworth.  Just before he was married to Mabel in 1900 Reginald was the curate at Rothbury, Northumberland.  They were married at Christ Church, West Bromford with her future father-in-law, Rev Edwin Harward married them. Their marriage was considered an auspicious event, the town was ‘en fete’ and the children from the national school were given a half day holiday.  The Wirksworth-by-Middleton brass brand paraded the town and entertained the crowds at the schoolhouse.  Over 300 people partook of an afternoon tea.  In the evening 200 were entertained at a ‘social occasion’.  It was obviously a popular wedding.  He was then the curate of St Andrews at Newcastle-on-Tyne.  Reginald was a clergyman at the Downtown Vicarage in Ludlow, Shropshire at the time of the 1911 census. In 1920 he was the British chaplain at Boulogne and Mabel was working at the British Soldiers Institute.  Rev Edwin Cuthbert Harward was the son of Rev John Harward, himself the vicar of Middleton by Wirksworth.  He was born in Portsea, Hampshire in 1785 and did his B.A. and M.A. at Trinity College, Oxford University.  Edwin’s older brother John Frederick Harward was also the incumbent at Middleton in 1851.  By 1861 he was the incumbent at Little Maplestead in Essex and the assistant curate at St Mary Magdalen in St Pancras in London.

Another granddaughter Emily Scarf married Henry Samuel Ware, the son of Rev John Middleton Ware of the rectory at Ullingswick, Herefordshire.  Her brother-in-law Douglas Powell Ware married Mary Jane Octavia Sankey.  Her grandmother was Mary Boys and her grandfather’s first wife was Susanna Boteler.  There were many clergymen in these families, just a few mentioned below.

Eliza Boteler married Rev Charles James Burton on July 5, 1819 at St Mildred Sandwich, Kent by licence.  He was the son of Edmund Burton born in Daventry, Northamptonshire.  He matriculated in 1805 at Lincoln then completed his B.A. in 1813, was a fellow from 1816-1818, then finished his M.A. in 1818 at Queens college, Oxford.  He was the vicar at Lydd in Kent from 1821.  He was the chancellor of Carlisle from 1855 to 1887 and also the honorary canon of Carlisle from 1855 to 1868.  He died in 1887 aged ninety-six.  Eliza and Charles’ daughter Eliza Julia Burton married Rev Edward Marshall.  She died in Hastings in 1856, she was thirty years old.

Eliza’s sister Julia Boteler married Rev Thomas Stephen Hodges on January 18, 1820 at St Mildred in Sandwich, Kent by licence.  He also completed his B.A. at Oxford University.  He was the rector at Little Waltham in Kent.

Edward Boteler was a fellow of Sidney Sussex college, Cambridge M.A.  He was the curate of Cliffe rectory near Rochester then curate at St Leonard Hythe Chapel at Saltwood, then briefly vicar at St Clements in Sandwich.  He was appointed there at the end of April 1831 and died at the end of September 1831.



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