Roadtrip to Sydney

I travelled up to Sydney with my mother to visit her sister who is not very well.  On the way we spent a night in Canberra and visited the Mapping our World:  Terra Incognita to Australia exhibition at the National Library.  It’s well worth visiting if you can get to Canberra.  It tracks the discovery of Australia by the Europeans through maps.  Alongside the maps there are  globes and scientific instruments, it’s amazing how they were able to create such beautiful and detailed maps.  The map by Fra Mauro is not to be missed.  There were maps from the early explorers, names I remembered from history lessons.

Australian war memorial

Then a visit to the war memorial to find a few more family members that had died in the two world wars.  Firstly John Alexander Hood, grandson of Arthur Wellesley Hood and Janet Fraser (my third great grandparents).  John was a private in the 57th battalion and was killed in France on 12 May 1917 aged 19.  His file has a letter from his mother asking for more information other than that he was killed in France but there was none forthcoming.  As he had no known grave he was remembered with honour at the Villers Bretonneux Memorial.  There is a photo of him online at the Australian war memorial.

John Alexander Hood

George Dunlop was also killed in the first world war.  He was killed at Pozieres in France in August 1916 after only three months in Europe.   He was a private in the 23rd Battalion and is also remembered with honour at the Villers Bretonneux Memorial.  He was the son of Sarah Jane Dunlop’s brother William and his wife Kate Jane McDermott.

George Dunlop

Finally we saw the memorial for Gordon Valentine Raeburn, grandson of Mary McKnight youngest sister of my 2 x great grandfather Alexander McKnight, and her husband Daniel Raeburn.  Gordon was killed in Malaya on 11 February 1942  during the second world war.  He was a private in the 2/26th Battalion (Infantry).  He was buried in the Kranji war cemetery in Singapore.  His parents were Arthur Alexander Valentine Raeburn and Catherine Egan.  He was married.

Gordon Valentine Raeburn

Poppy wall

One thought on “Roadtrip to Sydney”

  1. Great job Lynda , have to share McKnight and McGrath .uncle Neil showed me what you sent to him when I took mum (Margaret cardwell ) up to see Hugh


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